Penile length

At the point when a man has a penis with an extended penile length of under 2.5 standard deviations (SD) than the normal for his age, we state that he has a micropenis. For instance, babies have a normal penile length of 3.5cm. Along these lines, male infants with a penis littler than 2 to 2.5 cm (2.5 SDs beneath normal) are determined to have micropenis. Normally, the condition is perceived not long after birth.

The condition ought not be mistaken for covered penis, which gives the dream of a little penis because of it being “covered up” in the fat of the symphysis pubis (the bristly triangle).


Albeit numerous young men and men stress over the length of their penis and go to a specialist for assessment, most of them really have a typical penis as the condition influences just 1 of every 200 guys that are conceived.

Issues related with having a micropenis

Having a miniaturized scale penis can make a few issues the patient, including:

Trouble to pee

Sex is frequently inconceivable

A noteworthy mental effect. Numerous men with the condition have extremely low confidence and discouragement. They frequently stay away from associations with the other sex in dread of being disparaged

What are the causes micropenis?

Other than idiopathic micropenis, the reason for which we don’t have a clue, there are two hormonal disarranges that can cause the condition:

Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism where there is a lack in the emission of the hormone (GnRH) from the nerve center

Hypergonadotropic hypogonadism where the testicles neglect to create testosterone


The specialist ought to complete a careful clinical examination to quantify accurately the length of the penis. He will likewise evaluate the morphology and avoid any potential birth imperfections, for example, inherent bowing of the penis that may give the impression of little size.

On the off chance that the assessment for micropenis is sure, uncommon blood tests will be set up to analyze some other potential hormonal disarranges.


Up to the 1980s, it was basic practice to evacuate the penis in young men and raising them as young ladies. Guardians of influenced kids were encouraged to raise them as young ladies. The primary thought behind this training was that patients with a micropenis will never have the capacity to have a satisfying sexual coexistence. Accordingly, a female sexual orientation task joined by feminizing hormones amid adolescence was prescribed.

After the 1990s, these methods turned out to be progressively dismissed by the expert circles. Johns Hopkins Hospital, is presumably the middle were the vast majority of these reassignments occurred.

Hormone treatment

Treatment with androgens – testosterone treatment amid early youth is presently the favored strategy for the treatment of micropenis.

In one examination, 12 patients were treated with human choronic gonadotropin, testosterone or cortisone. A long time later they were met as grown-ups. All patients professed to be hetero, had erections and climaxes. Seven of them were hitched and had ordinary vaginal sex. One had a youngster.

In an another investigation of eight patients, intramuscular testosterone infusions in four week by week interims from 0 to 14 years old accomplished satisfactory penile lengths, erections and a male sexual orientation character. The grown-up patients accomplished a mean penile length of 10.3 cm. Six of the eight men were explicitly dynamic, and all recognized as guys and demonstrated the suitable psychosocial conduct. The creators of the two investigations reason that there are no clinical, mental or physiological signs for sexual orientation reassignment of influenced young men.

When all is said in done and paying little mind to the reason for micropenis, a short 3-month course of testosterone is endorsed. This normally instigates a little measure of penile development. As a rule, this development keeps amid adolescence. Extra testosterone is maintained a strategic distance from as it might cause undesirable virilization and bone development. Testosterone treatment is continued later in puberty in young men with hypogonadism.

Since penile development is finished before the finish of pubescence, testosterone treatment in post-pubertal grown-ups delivers no penile development.

An ongoing report (Sun-Ouck Kim et al) yielded some encouraging discoveries for the hormonal treatment of grown-ups with the condition with Human Choronic Gonadotropin infusions.

Medical procedure

Since hormone treatment regularly does not accomplish the normal outcomes, a few careful methods (like phalloplasty for female to male transgenders) for penis extension have been contrived and performed. Shockingly, these procedures are not yet generally embraced.

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